La Feria


Last year, the Castilla y León / Ciudad Rodrigo Theater Fair held its 23rd edition with the participation of 33 companies whose shows were shown in 52 functions, attended by 5,600 people, including public and accredited professionals. Thus, and despite having to accommodate to the exceptional circumstances for the exhibition of shows as a consequence of the COVID-19, the fair became once again the main market in the Western Peninsula. The fair was held in its face-to-face format without renouncing some online actions and claiming the need for theatrical act as the essence of communication, ritual and the relationship between people. Ciudad Rodrigo treasures a multidisciplinary and eclectic program committed to social concerns and prioritizes Spanish theater text. The Theater Fair has the complicity of different agents in the sector who contribute their creative talent as a revitalizing engine in each edition where both, the conventional and the most risky have a place.

In the current circumstances and without forgetting the uncertainties that accompany us, the organization of this professional forum is more essential than ever. It intends to keep working towards the achievement of its objectives and introducing changes in the organizational models demanded by the new times.

The organization of the Theater Fair is promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León, the City Council of Ciudad Rodrigo, the Provincial Council of Salamanca and CIVITAS Association. Together and as a priority, we try to achieve strategies for the promotion of cultural industries and the stimulation of the performing arts market in Castilla y León and Portugal.

After two decades, the Fair is configured as a public service for the stimulation of the cultural sector in our region. It provides energy for the revitalization of the scenic markets in the Iberian Peninsula and contributes to revalue the entire territory.

The 24th Theater Fair is your chance!!